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London: Day 2 (Opportunity Knocks)

Posted by: Sabrina Taylor, May 22, 2015

Earl’s Court is homebase and borders the very posh Kensington and Chelsea zones. It’s great to be so close to a Tube station (I’m already feeling pretty confident in my navigating skills). We were transported to the wonderland that is Harrod’s this morning; our time there was short but it feels like a place that....

London: Day 1 (Anticipation)

Posted by: Sabrina Taylor, May 22, 2015

Anticipation-I spent the 10+ hour plane ride (wide awake) thinking about how lucky I was-I was going to the place where all of these amazing creators were inspired to make art that will last beyond our years. Some of my favorite artists, musicians and fashion designers are either from England or spent some formative time....

Graduation Aftermath

Posted by: Ashley Hackworth, May 22, 2015

It has been two weeks since I have graduated from Woodbury University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Although it has been two weeks, it hasn’t kicked in that I am officially an ‘adult’. I mean we are considered adults at the age of 18 when it comes to other freedoms, such as....

A Post for the Grads

Posted by: Autumn Davis, May 21, 2015

With Summer beginning, it’s a very important time of year for students: GRADUATION SEASON! My brother, Eric, graduated high school last thursday. My youngest sibling, Kamden, graduates in two years, and I… well, I celebrated the anniversary of my first full year not being in high school. An entire year. It seems unfathomable. For some....

Let's Make Crazy Freaking Memories, From A Resident Assistant

Posted by: seamanifesto, May 20, 2015

So, I’ve maintained some anonymity through these blogs but..allow me to reintroduce myself: I fill the school’s blog with my ridiculous thoughts and insights, I ‘m starting my second year with you beautiful people, you can find me in the architecture black hole…I mean, studio… I’m also South Hall’s new Resident Assistant. I know, summer has barely....

Beautiful Disaster: Lessons Learned From Harsh Studio Culture

Posted by: seamanifesto, May 19, 2015

A design studio is one site of enormous creative energy. Studio culture is everything experienced between those walls like the agony during a review or at wee hours of the night, measuring and sizing and gluing away. Before starting architecture school, I’ve only heard about this place. A black hole type of deal that consumes....

How I Survived My Sophomore Year in College

Posted by: Czarah Castro, May 19, 2015

So now that finals are over, grades are in, and summer has begun, it’s safe to say that I have successfully survived my second year of college. Sophomore year was a time that I happily spent getting closer to colleagues and friends since we were all on the same boat for basically the entire year....

Boisterous Summer!

Posted by: Aarti Patel, May 18, 2015

Did you know one pineapple plant produces only one pineapple every 2 years? Pineapple being my favorite summer fruit, the first thing i was when i entered home. when i feel like eating something sweet, nothing can be more healthier than a fruit? Well all it reminds me of is summer because we get best....

Viva Cuba!

Posted by: Monique Lyons, May 17, 2015

I have had the honor of traveling to and living in several different countries, but nothing prepared me for the hospitality and warm welcome given me by my grandfather’s countrymen. Cuba is an extremely charming locale, abounding in natural beauty. I can only conclude that this is largely due to the embargo, which preserved and....


Posted by: Aarti Patel, May 16, 2015

How ironic, while the whole world was just celebration EARTH DAY last month we hear about the biggest natural disaster tragedy. Another post about the biggest disaster of 2015, the Nepal earthquake. We have all seen the news, read statuses or put up one. It did help us by spreading awareness and for a few....

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