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Study Abroad Student Profile: Eryanne in Japan (Part 2)

Posted by: Sabrina Taylor, Sep 2, 2015

Part 2 of our study abroad profile with Eryanne. Leave a comment if you have any questions for her about her trip to Japan. #woodburyuniversity #WUArch Was it easy to meet local residents? The local residents were so welcoming and inviting that it was extremely easy to meet and talk with them. Whenever I looked....

10 Ways Residence Hall Living Beats An Apartment

Posted by: seamanifesto, Aug 30, 2015

They’re institutionalized, they’re plain, they’re costly, they smell stale, there are makeshift paper made decorations….everywhere. Students crave they day they trade in their hall keys for their apartment key. Nothing seems sweeter than to finally paint the color of your own walls as you are not allowed to have that freedom in a dorm.  Students complain....

Did studying abroad in Paris destroy my life?

Posted by: Sabrina Taylor, Aug 29, 2015

Sort of. No offense to London, but Paris is what I’ve been dreaming of since I was a tiny tot cutting my favorite supermodels out of Vogue and into my idea book (this was pre-Pinterest people!). It’s been 4 months since my trip and I’m having some trouble adjusting. Croissants in Los Angeles? Not the....

Brittany Diego: Woodbury's Style Guru

Posted by: Yvan Tran, Aug 29, 2015

Ever considered people watching at your college campus? As a fashion design major, I love to see what people wear. For Brittany Diego, a senior fashion design student, that will be her work for her newest internship at CollegeFashionista. CollegeFashionista is a fashion website for anyone passionate about the latest college fashion styles and trends....

Life Hacks to Living On Campus

Posted by: Aarti Patel, Aug 26, 2015

We all contemplate when it comes to living on campus or renting out to live with your friends. Well if you ask me I would prefer living on campus and you might all wonder why? Because SLEEP > anything. Even those few extra minutes of sleep are precious when you have submissions. When we look....

Study Abroad Student Profile: Eryanne in Japan

Posted by: Sabrina Taylor, Aug 24, 2015

How and when did you begin preparing for studying abroad? In August 2014 I found out I would be studying in Japan and would be leaving May 2015, so that was nine months of preparation and anticipation. I prepared by getting to know the people I would be traveling with, watching Japanese films and eating....

Hear the Eco: RHA's Kickoff Event

Posted by: Yvan Tran, Aug 22, 2015

School is less than two days! I hope everyone had a well-rested summer. I know I tried to with all the ResLife training. As part of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Eboard member, I have become much more involved with event planning. Our first event, which kicked off last night, was Hear the Eco! As....

Shake Off Those First Day of College Jitters!

Posted by: Czarah Castro, Aug 20, 2015

School is quickly approaching and for some of you freshmen and maybe some of you transfers, that means the nerves and dread is approaching too, if it hasn’t arrived already. The good news is that the worst is over with already since you’ve hopefully have made some friends and/or acquaintances with people during your orientation. That....

Sustainability: Woodbury's Theme

Posted by: Yvan Tran, Aug 17, 2015

Hello everyone! In these upcoming weeks, I will share some insight on the topic of sustainability, since this year’s theme at Woodbury University is sustainability. Sustainability has been on everyone’s minds especially those who live in California. It’s an obvious fact that we are experiencing a drought now. Sustainability is not just geared towards the....

The End of the Road, and the early 20s Crisis

Posted by: Autumn Davis, Aug 17, 2015

I’m 19 years old. I’m at the point in my life where I’m still technically a teen, but I’m also learning how to adult the best I can before my teen years are over (about 5 more months or so). I can get away with the “young and dumb” excuse, yet at the same time,....

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