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Posted by: Denisse Alejandre, Dec 17, 2014

12 Transfer Students TIPS 1. Be sure to chose the right community college! 2. Always meet with your college counselor and potential choice adviser 3. Cal State’s and UC’s do not have the same transferring units 4. Getting a AA or certificate of some sort is not always beneficial on your long term goal. It....

How to make it in FASHION

Posted by: Anahit Grigoryan, Dec 6, 2014

FASHIONISTA CON After attending the Fashionista Conference, my life changed as I gained knowledge and experience from the amazing panelists. The 10 hour conference opened my eyes to the fashion industry and the ins and outs of making it in a industry where there is so much competition. Fashionista had set up 15 minute mentoring....

Shooting an Interview with Jonathan Menendez of Evolutionary Productions

Posted by: Monique Lyons, Dec 6, 2014

I had the pleasure of filming an on camera interview with Jonathan Menendez, a transmedia trailblazer shaking up the L.A. social justice scene.  Jonathan is the owner of Evolutionary Productions (EP), one of L.A.’s most innovative multimedia companies geared towards facilitating social change.  EP promotes understanding and awareness to create greater equality for marginalized people of color.....

Thanksgiving in Groningen!

Posted by: Ashley Hackworth, Dec 3, 2014

Being away from home is fun, but you do have those moments where you are homesick and would love to be with your friends, as well as family. I’ve had a couple of times though and the longest homesick moment was the beginning of November. The reason was because Thanksgiving was coming up and it....


Posted by: Anahit Grigoryan, Dec 2, 2014

Hello Beautiful People, Woodbury in Paris? Yes, you heard it right!!! The fashion department at Woodbury University is offering fashion design and fashion marketing courses during the spring of 2015 semester in Paris and London. If I haven’t grabbed your attention yet then you are in luck because you will be experience the beautiful cities....

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