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Reslife Profile: Dana

Posted by: Yvan Tran, Nov 27, 2015

Continuing my Reslife Team series, I would like to introduce you all to Dana Seaman. We both consider each other “the dose of culture.” I first met Dana on the first day of Reslife Retreat. We had a lot to talk about that day because we are both Vietnamese, and of course, I get super....

How Thanksgiving Day 2015 Proves That Closeness Has Nothing To Do With Distance

Posted by: seamanifesto, Nov 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day. 7-11 was open, Woody’s wasn’t, so:   The next person who finds me in studio today will indefinitely ask, “…not going home this year?” The quick reply in my head will be, “by the looks of me sitting here with my laptop..clearly, I am not going home this year”. But on the outside, I’ll....

7 Ways the Library Can Make Your Life Easier

Posted by: Library, Nov 24, 2015

Is your stress level rising with finals quickly approaching? The library can help! That’s why the our very first blog post is dedicated to seven ways the library can make your life easier. #1: Librarians can save you time! A quick stop by the library reference desk can save you hours of scrolling through search results....

6 Tips That Will Make Studio Finals Easier

Posted by: Czarah Castro, Nov 24, 2015

Finals week is soon approaching and so is the copious amounts of stress (if it hasn’t reached you yet), and suddenly you go from wanting the school year to wiz by, to thinking there aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything you need to do. You’re also probably thinking about how the heck....

All Hail the GIFs

Posted by: Yvan Tran, Nov 23, 2015

Studio finals are exactly one week away. We are swamped with finals and work, but I know that all of us can pull through it and finish the semester strong. I highly believe in taking breaks and having “me times” to be successful in time management. Inspired by my fellow friend and co-worker’s Jokes Only....

It'll make you shiver with antici....................pation!

Posted by: Amanda Sachartoff, Nov 23, 2015

I recently went to see the weekly Saturday midnight showing of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Nuart Theater in downtown Los Angeles. For those of you who have not seen the movie before, I highly recommend it. It is one of my favorite movies, but I will warn you it....

Friendsgiving: Spending Thanksgiving Away From Home, and What I'm Most Thankful For

Posted by: Autumn Davis, Nov 23, 2015

Happy Monday, and happy early Thanksgiving! I guess that I should probably talk about watching the parade and eating and being thankful for all the holiday clichés, but I’m not going to do that right away. For me, this year is a little different. I’m not going home for Thanksgiving. And I’m also not going....

The Secret Power of Reading and Our Duty to the World

Posted by: Sean Joyner, Nov 21, 2015

  “You dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a f***in education you coulda got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library.” – Will Hunting When asked what super power we would want to have Warren Buffet said that he would want to be able to read faster than any other....

Melissa McCarthy Brings About X-Large Changes to the Plus-Size Clothing Industry by Emanuel Yazichyan

Posted by: Fashion Marketing, Nov 17, 2015

(image: Melissa McCarthy by all standards and definitions is the girl next door-only upgraded; bigger-and better. She is an internationally renown comedian, producer, writer, mother, philanthropist, and golden globe winning actress, who built a career on her intelligent scripts, great humor,and her 200-something pounds of utter fabulousness. Until recently, however, no one would have....

How to Enter the World of Styling by Sandy Saravia

Posted by: Fashion Marketing, Nov 17, 2015

(image: For our second class session in the 7-week course that is Fashion Styling for the Media we had the pleasure of listening to Luke Storey and Lauren Messiah (co-founders of School of Style) speak on their personal experiences and tips regarding the world of styling. Although they had an overwhelming amount of insightful....

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