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Woodbury's Envision Fashion Show 2016: Gallery

Posted by: Autumn Davis, May 4, 2016

I was lucky enough to be able to cover WU’s annual fashion show this year! There were so many great looks from all the classes! And the senior collections were to DIE for! I’ll be uploading more pictures soon, but in the meantime, check out these visual goodies I was able to snap!

The Perfection of an Imperfect World

Posted by: Bailey Hanson, Apr 22, 2016

Perfection. Google Definition: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects Urban Dictionary Definition: an impossibility; something unattainable; something that cannot be reached Perfection does not exist anywhere in this world no matter how hard you look. Being perfect is being free from flaws and I don’t know about....

Woodbury Celebrates Earth Day

Posted by: Yvan Tran, Apr 21, 2016

Hello my fellow Woodbury community! First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Earth Week! – though I personally think every week should be Earth Week. What things have you been doing to promote a sustainable campus life? For me, whenever I eat at Woody’s, I always ask for a plate over the to-go boxes.....

Student Spotlight: Julia Aylor

Posted by: Bailey Hanson, Apr 20, 2016

Haaaaaave ya met Julia? At such a diverse school like Woodbury, it is common to come across various races, ethnicities, religions and personalities. One person on this campus who is unlike anyone you will ever meet is Miss Julia Aylor. In a recent interview, I got a closer look into the life of a stunting....

The Museum Series (#4): The Griffith Observatory

Posted by: Czarah Castro, Apr 17, 2016

For the fourth installation of The Museum Series, my classmates and I headed to Griffith Observatory. I’ve been to the Griffith a couple times beforehand; however I never really got to explore the inside. Although the Griffith Observatory is one of the go to spots because it overlooks LA, the Griffith is also a spectacular....

Camp Woodstock 2016: Photo Gallery

Posted by: Autumn Davis, Apr 10, 2016

On April 2, ASWU Program board presented its annual concert music festival, Woodstock! It was 8 hours of music, food, fun, and good vibes. This year’s Woodstock was summer camp themed, and PB went all out with crazy camp decor! We even were able to get ahold of our close friend, Bigfoot- and he’s usually....

This Is Why Joining AIAS - Woodbury Makes You Better

Posted by: seamanifesto, Apr 8, 2016

Only reason why I knew about AIAS was because my community college professor kept stressing how beneficial it was. Got to Woodbury, found out he was right. Meeting fellow architecture students between the west and east coast, connecting with local chapters (UCLA, USC, Cal Poly Pomona and SLO) has been so valuable. We are all....

CLEA + AIAS: April 'Stahl House' Visit

Posted by: seamanifesto, Apr 6, 2016

Student run organizations on campus are pretty awesome. In architecture, not a lot of students think they have the spare or extra time to step out of studio and be a part of something other than studio. CLEA is a pretty active group. They’ve been having movie screenings on Fridays and on Saturdays, they actually....

A New Concept: Hi-Tech Symbiosis

Posted by: Bailey Hanson, Apr 5, 2016

In this new hi-tech symbiotic concept, the boundaries between nature and technology are blurred as they cohesively work together to advance society. The Environmental Movement in the 60’s created a desire to change and people began to long for connectedness with the earth. This did not cause people to turn their backs on technology but....

4 Stages, Lessons and Confessions Of Taking A Trip To Hometown

Posted by: seamanifesto, Apr 3, 2016

    Upon your return is a little bit of nostalgia, a bit of excitement, humility and immense internal warmth all in one. Here are the 5 stages of going home after not being back for so long: You see your mother in person.  You squeezed her Tibia bone because lately, over the phone, she’s been complaining about....

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