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Open House

Posted by: Audrey Milliner, Oct 20, 2014

Last Saturday, Woodbury hosted its annual Open House to 200 guests. At the event, perspective students and parents received a tour of the campus, presentations from the faculty for their major of interest, were served lunch, and had a chance to meet all the student organizations during our Woodbury Week Festival. After the tours, each....

Posted by: Dr. Joan Marques, Oct 18, 2014

1. Your loss of any kind, illness, pain, or other worry of today Will be covered by a blanket of healed emotions along the way 2. The words you utter can be forgiven, but never undone So, think before you speak, as this is how goodwill is won 3. Choices are always made with limited....

Fashion Week LA

Posted by: Audrey Milliner, Oct 17, 2014

The last week of my internship with fashion PR agency Stylesmith was one of the craziest weeks of my life because it landed during fashion week in Los Angeles. I finally have time to reflect and share on the exciting chaos that happened. Fashion Week LA took place from October 8th to October 14th, where....

The Media Policy Center

Posted by: Monique Lyons, Oct 16, 2014

As a student of the Master in Media for Social Justice program, I, alongside my colleagues complete our coursework between the Burbank main campus and Santa Monica.  A major facet of the program entails a hands-on Apprenticeship, which is held at The Media Policy Center.  The Media Policy Center is a non-profit multimedia production company....

Quick Guide: Woodbury in Rome

Posted by: Sabrina Taylor, Oct 16, 2014

Woodbury University students spend four months in Rome, Italy as one of our Study Away options. Architecture students take design studios, Italian language, Architecture and the City as well as additional electives offered by the Pantheon Institute during their time abroad.  Tuition covers overnight and daylong excursions outside of Rome, orientation sessions, receptions, and all....

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