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What are we doing about the summer drought?

Posted by: Katie Gilligan, Jul 30, 2015

LATROBE PRIZE AWARDED TO WOODBURY’S ARID LANDS INSTITUTE: INSPIRES DESIGN INNOVATION AT THE NEXUS OF WATER, ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE On the East Coast, rising sea levels and storm surge were the topics du jour when the American Institute of Architects’ prestigious Latrobe Prize was awarded in 2007.  Back then, there were dire warnings that the....

Becoming a Multilingual American

Posted by: Sean Joyner, Jul 28, 2015

This week is a little break from design talk. Instead I’d like to share my experience in learning Spanish. Architecture is a very diverse field, quite literally actually, with some of our local firms working around the entire globe. Consequently, I feel that a piece on language learning is extremely relevant for us as designers.....

Hey, Summa Time: How The Last-Day-Of-The-Semester Feeling Will Never Get Old

Posted by: seamanifesto, Jul 24, 2015

Leaving school grounds with no further academic responsibilities on a sunny day is like no other. A feeling that only occurs a few times a year, this time was after a 10-wk summer studio course. Second Year Open Summer Studio ended yesterday, final review happened, sleep was reaccounted for after having pulled a few all-nighters. Though....

My Summer Internship at an Architecture Firm

Posted by: Sabrina Taylor, Jul 24, 2015

By Alenoush Aghajanians My summer internship at Ehrlich Architects in Los Angeles was a great surprise for me. During our Studio 4 final reviews our instructors Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter and Matthew Gillis invited jurors who are practicing architects. Among them was Patricia Rhee, partner from Ehrlich Architects. I was the last one to present my project. After....

Think you can't afford to study away?

Posted by: Ashley Hackworth, Jul 24, 2015

Ever since I started discussing my plans for study abroad, many people questioned how would I be able to afford it. I even questioned myself at times, but I now know it is possible if you really want to go. No matter the amount needed it is possible and I want to share with you....

3 Girls, One Room- Roommate Profile: Yvan

Posted by: Autumn Davis, Jul 23, 2015

When I first got into WU, this girl was the first person I “met”- thanks to Instagram anyway. I told her that if she ever needed a model, I could totally do it for her… and the rest- as they say, was history. Meet the future of fashion- my roomie Yvan! Name: Yvan Tran Major:....

2016 Psychology Seniors to Find Remarkable Legacy

Posted by: Katie Gilligan, Jul 22, 2015

For the second year in a row, Woodbury University’s Psychology seniors have proven that they’re well-prepared for the professional world. Eleven of the twelve graduating students presented their work at the 2015 Western Psychological Association Convention in Las Vegas, after having their Senior Thesis research papers accepted into this prestigious academic conference. This comes on....

3 Girls, One Room: Waverly

Posted by: Autumn Davis, Jul 22, 2015

Hello again Interwebs! As the second post in my series of posts about my triple.. I’d Like for you to get to know Waverly, or Wa-Wa… but only by me Name: Waverly Alonso Major: Animation c/o ’18 Fun Fact: I used to live 10-15 minutes away from the Jelly Belly Factory, which is in NorCal.....

Paris: Day 8 (AKA The Only 3 Words You Need in Paris)

Posted by: Sabrina Taylor, Jul 19, 2015

Our last day had a relaxed pace; I woke up “late” which for this trip was 8am, and got ready for my final Paris adventure. We decided on brunch at the legendary Fauchon which was founded in 1886 in Paris. Champagne and chocolate eclair? French luxury and relaxation? Don’t mind if I do. Since it....

SHOP Safety and Why it is a Must

Posted by: David Huerta, Jul 18, 2015

This will be, for the most part of your architecture academics, the place that you will go to manufacture your ideas for studio, but not limited to your own desire to create your personal pieces of work. Completing shop orientation will get you ahead of the game. So the sooner you get to it, the....

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