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Charged with Violating Copyright Laws?!

Posted by: Monique Lyons, Oct 24, 2014

One of my favorite classes this semester is TransMedia Production taught by the illustrious Dr. Jimmy Boyda.  This class is like none other I have taken in my academic and professional career.  The coursework manages to stimulate one’s intellect and creativity through learning to convey meaningful messages in an engaging and entertaining manner.  In only....

Woodbury Architecture Guidance

Posted by: Denisse Alejandre, Oct 23, 2014

As a current 5th year arch student, I experienced the do and the don’ts. If you are a freshman or a transfer and are new to this lifestyle of education. I recommend you visit the Whitten center and sign up for a mentor. They will save your life at Woodbury. If you don’t know anyone,....

The Balancing Act of Women Veterans

Posted by: Angela S., Oct 22, 2014

Whether it is Work, Military or Reintegration, our women veterans are expected to do it all, and they do… they have to especially since they have so many people relying on them.   Women veterans are moms, spouses, daughters, care givers, aunts, and battle buddies. The readjustment to family, community and household & job routines after military....

Open House

Posted by: Audrey Milliner, Oct 20, 2014

Last Saturday, Woodbury hosted its annual Open House to 200 guests. At the event, perspective students and parents received a tour of the campus, presentations from the faculty for their major of interest, were served lunch, and had a chance to meet all the student organizations during our Woodbury Week Festival. After the tours, each....

Posted by: Dr. Joan Marques, Oct 18, 2014

1. Your loss of any kind, illness, pain, or other worry of today Will be covered by a blanket of healed emotions along the way 2. The words you utter can be forgiven, but never undone So, think before you speak, as this is how goodwill is won 3. Choices are always made with limited....

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